Unexpected Pheasants

These three guys just wandered up to me.

Reeves’s Pheasant close-up

Fantastic Colours

When I go out for a walk, I always take my camera. You never know what will turn up. Sometimes, you get something entirely unexpected. Today was one of those days.

I had just paused to check the zoom on my camera, when these three little guys turned up. I took photo after photo, firstly because the colours in the plumage were fantastic, and nothing like the Common Pheasant you normally see here in the UK, but secondly because they just wandered up to me as if I wasn’t there. They were clearly not native to the UK, so I did a little research on the Net when I got home. It turns out that, according to Wikipedia, they are Reeves’s Pheasants – native to China! They are supposed to have the longest tail feather of any bird species – so says the Guinness Book of Records. Not only that, but they are a threatened species, with only 2000 left in the wild. I suppose that figure does not take into account displaced populations, but part of me couldn’t help wondering where the other 1997 were.