Rainy Day on a Hill – Part One

A shaft of sunlight highlights the summit of Catbells on a windy, rainy day.

Anyone who goes walking regularly in the Lake District will almost certainly have a collection of ‘Rainy Day on a Hill’ photographs. I am happy to walk in the rain, so I have an extensive collection. My only real gripe about the rain is that it plays havoc with the autofocus on my camera. That, and keeping the camera dry, of course.

This picture of Catbells was taken on a particularly wet and windy day, from the path up to Walla Crag. An all too brief shaft of sunlight caught the eastern slopes of Catbells, while the wind ruffles the surface of Derwentwater.

There’s a shop in Keswick that sells t-shirts with the words ‘Better a rainy day on a hill than a sunny one in the office’, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with. But I’m mad.

You’ll notice the title reads ‘Rainy Day on a Hill – Part One’. Yes – there will be more!