Feckenham Church

Feckenham Church on a cold December morning

Feckenham Church on a cold December morning

I thought I’d try a little HDR today, and Feckenham Church is an ideal subject. After looking at the results – I decided mono was best. See what you think.

Feckenham itself is a very old town, dating back at least to Roman times, and maybe earlier. It sits on the ancient Saltway (later a Roman road) between Droitwich and Alcester, and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. The church itself is over 900 years old, and probably replaced an earlier building on the site.

(edit – I reprocessed the image as the HDR software did something strange with a crow that appeared in one of the original images, leaving a very strange crow-shaped outline in the final version. Cropping the crow from the original did the trick.)