An Interest in Photography

"Is that a D40? You'd have thought he'd have at least a D3100 by now."

“Is that a D40? You’d have thought he’d have at least a D3100 by now.”

When I turned up at Broadway Tower to get some early morning images (see Broadway Tower and The Moon ), I wasn’t expecting this lot to get in on the act. They seemed completely at ease with me, and my tripod and camera. They just flocked around me. No pun intended. I waited for them to move, but they were quite happy to stay where they were – which was right in the middle of my shot. Hey ho! So I did my best to get what images I could, while they milled around and made various sheep sounds.

I do a lot of walking, and this sort of behaviour is more common in farm animals than you would think. A couple of years ago I was wandering through a field containing young cattle. I could hear a strange  sound when I walked, which mysteriously stopped whenever I stopped, but started when I began walking again. It was a little spooky. It finally dawned on me to look behind me – there was the entire herd, the nearest no more then three paces behind me, walking when I walked, and stopping when I stopped.

(1.6 seconds at f22 – hence the movement in the sheep)