Parlick Fell

A windy Parlick Fell summit

A windy Parlick Fell summit

Parlick Fell has the some of the strangest summit markers I have seen. There is a hollowed out cairn with a fairly newish looking wooden pole in the middle, an old weathered wooden pole surrounded by a few rocks, and a large spread of rocks with what looks like the connecting rod of an old steam engine jammed in the middle.

I took about ten photos of this summit, but only one was sufficiently in focus. This was because the wind was so fierce I could hardly stand up in it. Even a tripod proved unstable, the wind was so fierce and gusty. I estimated the wind speed to be somewhere around the 50 mile an hour mark.

Parlick Fell lies a the southern end of the Forest of Bowland. It’s not a forest in terms of what you and I would think – there are very few trees. It is , in fact, an old hunting ground (medieval or possibly earlier), common in England.