Another Sunset

A December sunset over the Ribble estuary

A December sunset over the Ribble estuary

If you want to ‘be in the right place at the right time’ the first thing you have to do is to be in the right place. The time will normally take care of itself.

With that in mind, I chanced upon a little app called The Photographers Ephemeris, that gives you the direction of sunset and sunrise, (and the lunar equivalents) presented on a maps interface. So you can tell, in advance, where the light is coming from for any given location, at any given time. For anyone who wants to do landscape photography, this is, in my opinion, an essential tool.

Of course – one thing you cannot control is the weather. I was fortunate enough to have the clouds in exactly the right position for this image. I confess to a little more post processing than I normally do, but I wanted to capture the contrast between the blue sky above the clouds and the golden light below.

1/250 sec at f15 (no filters), if anyone is interested.