Amongst the Clouds


The Black Mountains can seem a wild and lonely place. There are days when, walking along the northern scarp slope, you can see for miles and not see another soul. It seemed like it was one of those days when I was walking there last year, but then I became aware of an eerie whistling or humming sound that seemed all around me. In order to locate the source of the sound, I did a slow 360 degree turn, but I was on a high moor, with no other person visible. It was very strange. The sound seemed to change in tone and pitch, seemingly randomly, but I had not the faintest idea where it was coming from. Then a shadow drifted across the grass in front of me and I looked up. There, drifting in and out of the clouds, were two gliders. I had located the source of the sound – it was the noise the wind made as it passed over the control surfaces of the gliders. Mystery solved!