A Nosy Alpaca – and a Valuable Lesson!


Definitely not a native of Worcestershire, this alpaca was particularly inquisitive. I do a lot of walking, and I see them more often than you think, from Worcestershire to the Yorkshire Dales, and in the Lake District. A few small farms normally have a pair of them, and they are sometimes kept in with chickens, as some people believe they deter foxes and other ‘critters’.

1/250 sec at f/3.5, ISO 400

As for the valuable lesson – I lost some photos yesterday. My normal habit is to load images from my camera directly into Aperture, then click ‘Delete images’ and ‘Disconnect camera’ once the download has completed, so the SD card on my camera is tidied up and ready for the next set of images. For some reason (I’m suspecting my Mac had not correctly re-established the connection with my external storage) every Project in my Aperture Library disappeared. Disaster!!! After looking around, I could see all my photos as one large list, and this included the images I had just downloaded, but no sign of any projects. Nervously, I restarted Aperture, and thankfully my Projects all reappeared, minus the images I had just downloaded. Fortunately, there were only three or four images of clouds at sunset that I had quickly taken from my back garden, so it could have been a lot worse.

So – Lesson of the day – When you load your images onto your computer, do NOT delete them from the camera until you have checked they have all correctly transferred.

I should probably look into some offline or cloud storage also.