Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Early morning – Tower and Snow

Very early on a Sunday morning, and the east face of Broadway Tower is lit by the rising sun. Despite the warmth in the image, the patches of snow bear testament to how… Continue reading

Looking Away from the Sunrise

Before the sun had risen, I looked the other way to see this lovely cool blue sky, with the moon setting in the distance. That curious rectangular hole in the stonework may have… Continue reading

Ruins and Trees

At last! A day that was not a) cloudy, b) rainy, or c) a combination of a and b. With a decent forecast, I was out of bed at 0500 and, after a… Continue reading

Trees in the Mist

  Taken through the mist, I decided to make this a high contrast black and white image. Not sure if it works or not – but I thought it worth a try. Can’t… Continue reading

Ruins and Mist

The mist was starting to clear, and a couple of aircraft condensation trails started to become visible.  I had the ruins of Bordesley Abbey all to myself on a misty winter morning.

Worms Eye View

On a relatively warm and dry Sunday in March, churchgoers at Feckenham would have been surprised to see a man with a camera lying on the ground in the path to the church.… Continue reading

Through The Trees

This is a side door to Feckenham Church. I thought about putting this up as black & white, but I liked the different colours of the sandstone blocks that make up the wall… Continue reading

Fallen Oak

I have walked past this oak tree many times. When I first walked past it, years ago, it was a fine healthy tree, then one day I noticed it had been struck by… Continue reading

Snowy Day

Absolutely no idea where spring went. No idea at all. Still, a walk is a walk, and I managed to get a few photographs. This old threshing machine makes an interesting subject. I… Continue reading

Tower and Rock

Another viewpoint I must return to when the light is better – I think an early morning sunrise will be best. The limestone boulder sits on the ridge a few hundred yards from… Continue reading