Monthly Archive: May, 2013

Wild Ponies

While the horses in the previous post were content to be in the fields, lower down in the valleys, the wild ponies roam free over the upper slopes of the Black Mountains. Badly… Continue reading

Horses in the Black Mountains

The upper slopes of the Black Mountains are the domain of the wild ponies that you see as you walk the mountains. Lower down, in the valleys, are fields containing their more domesticated… Continue reading

Geese and Swans

Early morning at the lake and the geese and swans enjoy the lack of human interruption (myself excluded) and go about their business. The lake plays host to a huge number of widlfowl,… Continue reading

Clouds and Rain

Taken on one of those days when you were either in bright sunshine, or getting absolutely soaked. There are a couple of rainstorms in the photo – the one on the right being… Continue reading

Pershore Bridge

Pershore Bridge crosses the river Avon to the south of the town, and is now host to foot traffic only, having been replaced by a new road bridge. It has had a rather… Continue reading

Rhos Dirion

The brilliant white trig point at the summit of Rhos Dirion in the Black Mountains is hard to miss – especially when the sun shines on it. In the background a couple of… Continue reading

Cairn in River

In the bed of a river in a secluded little valley in the Black Mountains, I came across this tall, slender cairn. It is well built, so someone clearly had a little time… Continue reading

Lakeside Reflections

Along with the quality of the light so early in the morning, the surface of the lake gave some fantastic reflections of the clouds. I had to work fast to get some of… Continue reading

Landscape in Portrait

This is from the same viewpoint as the previous image, but I wanted to see what it looked like in portrait format. The peaceful nature of the scene belies the noise that was… Continue reading

Lakeside Morning

Well, a day off work and what do I do? Get up before dawn to take some sunrise photos. Apart from setting the ISO on my camera too high, I’d like to think… Continue reading