Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Looking Down on Wasdale

From Mickledore, the col between Scafell and Scafell pike, you can look down on upper Wasdale, with Yewbarrow in the background. It’s as steep as it looks.

The Tiniest Cairn

The award for the tiniest cairn I’ve seen was this small pile of stones that I photographed near the summit of Slightside one summers day. Slightside lies on the southern approaches to Scafell,… Continue reading


Englands second highest mountain, taken from Englands highest mountain. In this view it’s clear there is no (safe) direct route between the two. You can either head down left, out of picture, and… Continue reading


The weather today seemed unable to make it’s mind up. Blue sky or rain. It did, however make for some interesting cloud formations, a combination of dark rainclouds and white cloud with blue… Continue reading


I took this image because I liked the view, but also because, when I looked at it, I was not sure this view would be around for too much longer. Take a closer… Continue reading

Green Flames

I noticed this detail near one of the ruined arches at Llanthony Priory, where the plant growth seemed to mimic flames in the stone torch detail carved into the stone. Green flames indeed.

Spoonley Wood

Taken last month in Spoonley Wood in the Cotswolds and the wild garlic was everywhere. It wasn’t hard to find – the photo does not do justice to the overpowering smell. It was… Continue reading


It looks rather forbidding in black and white. This is the gateway to Stanway House in the Cotswolds. In the sunshine, it actually looks quite colourful, because it is made from the local… Continue reading

Tree and Sheep

There was little time before the light went for the day, and the gathering clouds were threatening to form a blanket that made the light too diffuse. The sheep were happy to continue… Continue reading

Sunset on Fallen Oak

The fallen oak is a great place to sit and observer the Worcestershire countryside. At sunset, the clouds were gathering and I knew I only had a few minutes before the light became… Continue reading