Monthly Archive: July, 2013


Back to the Worcester and Birmingham canal. It’s a haven for wildlife, and in particular waterfowl. This Common Moorhen is not pausing to admire it’s reflection, it is feeding off the algae in… Continue reading

View from Hopegill Head

There is a fine view from Hopegill Head, made even finer by a fantastic sunny day. Grisedale Pike is the peak on the left, and it’s a fine ridge walk from there to… Continue reading

Summer Canal

In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, the canals of the UK were the motorways of their time, busy with bulk carriers (coal, grain, and other goods), along with some passenger traffic.  The… Continue reading

Narrow Boats

On a sunny day, narrow boats on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal provide colour in abundance.

Rooftop Heron

My conundrum about what to post today was solved this morning by a beautiful heron that decided to sit for a minute on the roof of the house next door. A quick dash… Continue reading

Reflected Sun

I knew that, photographing into the sun, and adding a reflection off standing water, I was going to get lens artifacts all over the place. Didn’t expect that much though. Time to save… Continue reading

Morning at the Beach

As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. I had to go to Bournemouth for day on business, and left my camera at home due to a poor… Continue reading

Black Sheep

A small farm in The Cotswolds specialises in black sheep, where, for a field or two, they are the sole occupants. They are a lovely colour, with the lambs being much darker than… Continue reading