Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Light on Windermere

On a day that promised little from the weather, I did manage to capture a few rays of sunlight as they lit up Windermere and it’s surroundings. The path from Ambleside, over Snarker… Continue reading

Purton Hulks in black and white

There is so much character in this old wood that I thought it would make a good black and white subject. The weather played it’s part – giving some nice cloud formations in… Continue reading

Heading for the prize

The bee flew into shot just as I pressed the shutter, but there’s no doubt where it is heading. It didn’t seem to stay long – just a quick in-and-out – clearly on… Continue reading


You could not resist taking a photo of this fine beast. His coat shone in the sunshine as he ambled over to take a look at the stranger with the camera.


Fortunately not a real swamp – it is, after all, Worcestershire (and there are no alligators native to Worcestershire). Just a pond overgrown with plant life, looking for all the world like something… Continue reading


The surface of this pond was completely covered in this bright green plant growth. The  weeping willow draped over the water provided a backdrop – again green. Despite their obvious lack of camouflage,… Continue reading

Blue Cloud

As I was taking sunset photos of the old wind pump, I turned to see this dark blue cloud formation approaching from the south. This bank of cloud was threatening to put an… Continue reading

Looking Up

You can stand in the pit of the old wind pump. Looking up – the central driveshaft has long gone, but the access ladder is still there. I would not recommend climbing it… Continue reading

Old Wind Pump

Photographed against the backdrop of clouds lit by the setting sun – the old wind pump looks like some kind of radar installation.  It lies in the middle of a field, with the… Continue reading

Vale of Evesham

From the north western edge of the Cotswold Hills, there’s a fine view over the Vale of Evesham. Bredon Hill can just be seen on the left, and somewhere in the distance is… Continue reading