Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Taking a Drink

Even though this sheep was very thirsty, she still kept one eye on me as she drank, in case I got too close. I needed a graduated ND filter to get the exposure… Continue reading

Angry Bird?

I don’t play that many computer games, but there’s something hauntingly familiar about this little chap. Where have I seen him before?

The Purton Hulks – Abbey

I like the work that The Friends of Purton have done – putting nameplates near the wrecks so the curious, like myself, can find out more about these craft. Abbey sits low in… Continue reading

Purton Hulks Again…

…with rain on the way. I’d forgotten about this photo – that big old dark cloud in the centre was a rain shower that was headed my way, forcing me to don waterproofs… Continue reading

Commemorative Plaque

In amongst the Purton Hulks, you come across this plaque commemorating the disaster that took down two spans of the Severn Railway bridge in 1960, after one of the supports was hit by… Continue reading

Bordesley Abby Mono

The darkening clouds were not just an indication of the setting sun, but also that rain was on the way. In the few minutes that I had before the rain set in, I… Continue reading

Tree and Winding Road

The road winds downhill to the farm at Lower Berrow, with the Worcestershire countryside looking fine in the late summer sunshine.

Wheat Stubble and Clouds

I know the rules of composition suggest you should not, under normal circumstances, centre your horizon, but, in this case I tried a few different compositions and I liked this the best. The… Continue reading

Night Sky Colours

Almost two hours after sunset, and there’s a lot more colour left in the night sky than you would imagine. I wanted to try some long exposure images after dark, so I found… Continue reading

Fiery Sky at Bordesley Abbey

As I was taking photos and the light was fading, the sunlight reflecting off the clouds in the east gave a lovely fiery glow – too good to resist.