Monthly Archive: September, 2013

Bordesley Abbey Flowers

Some days you go out and you never get what you expect. There had been a bit of weather around early in the day (heavy rain) but the clouds started to dissipate giving… Continue reading

Feckenham Church Again

I could not resist putting up another image of Feckenham Church – landscape format this time. This lets me frame the church with the ever present Yew trees, denizens of ancient churchyards country-wide.

Feckenham Church at Sunset

A decent sunset was likely this evening so I set out to Feckenham Church to see what I could get. I was pretty much wandering around the churchyard on my own, with only… Continue reading

Feckenham Church

Feckenham Church was next on my ‘different viewpoint’ list. It was safe to lie on the finely manicured grass here, even if I did manage to amuse one of the churchgoers. The things… Continue reading

A different viewpoint

I read an article in a photography magazine about photographing familiar objects from a different viewpoint. I thought I’d try it out on an old threshing machine that had been standing in a… Continue reading

Worn Steps

That’s about as worn a set of stone steps as you’re ever likely to see. On my previous visits to the ruins of Bordesley Abbey, the steps had been covered under straw and… Continue reading