Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Worcester Bridge after Dark

The only road bridge in Worcester is brightly lit after dark, and the light makes nice reflections on the river. The reflective material in the right foreground is wet river mud, where the… Continue reading

Malvern Seat with a View

The green paint may be peeling away, and the rust may be showing through, but, on a fine day like the day this image was taken, this is a seat with a view.… Continue reading

Malvern Route Indicator

In the col between North Hill (seen top left in this image) and Worcestershire Beacon, there’s a stone route indicator. The number of pointers reflects the many paths that radiate out from that… Continue reading

Big Sky over the Malvern Hills

The sun was behind a cloud allowing me to take an HDR set looking south along the Malvern Hills. Taken from near Worcestershire Beacon (the highest point on the Malvern Hills), you can… Continue reading

Study of a Dead Tree

There are many fallen trees in the grounds of  Hanbury Hall. This one provided a nice contrasty image in the strong winter sunlight.

Canal Morning

It’s almost sunrise, and the park by the Droitwich Canal is still empty. It’ll get busy later on. This image was taken from one of the swing bridges. For those of you who… Continue reading

Trail in the Snow

Absolutely no chance of snow here today, but a snow image feels appropriate. Taken in the winter of 2009 in the Lake District, this is the trail from Tarn Crag down to Codale… Continue reading

Handheld HDR

It was time for an experiment – I was curious. Conventional wisdom dictates you set your camera up on a tripod to take a set of images that you later will combine into… Continue reading

Odd Shaped Window

The grounds of Hanbury Hall are quite extensive, and a few public footpaths run through it. There are a number of fallen trees near the path I took, and this one caught my… Continue reading

Droitwich Canal

Another bridge that marks the course of a roman road – this time the road that heads north out of Worcester. The church on the hill at the northern end of Droitwich is… Continue reading