Handheld HDR

HDR Tree

It was time for an experiment – I was curious. Conventional wisdom dictates you set your camera up on a tripod to take a set of images that you later will combine into an HDR image. Could you do it handheld, and could the software cope? (I know some cameras can do in-camera HDR, but I believe these come out as jpegs, which I don’t want)

The many branches on this tree would be a good test, I reasoned, so I set my camera up for three bracketed images (-1, 0, and +1 exposure), and then set it up for CH (Continuous High) to get the camera to take the exposures as quickly as possible.

The result is not perfect, but it’s workable at a pinch. I think the software (HDR EFX Pro 2) coped very well, considering there was a little movement between the three images.  Nevertheless, I’ll still set up to take HDR images using my tripod in future, knowing I have this method in my back pocket as a fallback position if I ever find myself without tripod, or I need to run a set of images very quickly.