Trail in the Snow

Trail in the Snow

Absolutely no chance of snow here today, but a snow image feels appropriate. Taken in the winter of 2009 in the Lake District, this is the trail from Tarn Crag down to Codale Tarn. The part of the trail at the top left is not a series of footsteps – it was a large slide. You sat in the groove at the top, lifted your feet up, and slid all the way to the bottom of the slope, ending up in a heap of snow. Best trail ever!

© Gerard Tohill 2013

I don’t normally post more than one image in a day, but I owed one for the 23rd. I was working until really late so I had no time to update my blog. This was taken a day earlier to the image above, near Silver How. Snow conditions were darn near perfect.

Merry Christmas.