Broadway Tower Pre Dawn

Pre Dawn Tower

Editing this as a black and white image gave a very moody look, much darker than the morning really was.

It was a bit of a strange day. Whilst shooting, I failed to notice some condensation on the lens for a few shots, which unfortunately ruined them. A shame as a couple of them looked promising, but nevertheless a lesson learned. The warning signs were there and I failed to heed them. Next time I’ll be more careful.

Then there was the strange encounter. I was wandering down a path, minding my own business, when I became aware of an animal keeping pace beside me. I looked down, expecting to see someones dog, only to see a fully grown male pheasant staring back at me. The common pheasant is a very excitable beast, and keeps well away from humans. This one seemed not to care that I was a few feet away. I stopped and tried to act as non-threatening as I could, to see if I could retrieve my camera from my rucksack without scaring it away. That plan was foiled by a woman who appeared on the path and startled the bird. Hey ho.

I almost forgot, whilst photographing the tower, I could hear sounds like two sticks being banged together, and I finally traced the source of the sound to two red deer stags head butting each other. They promptly stopped as soon as they noticed me. Either that or one of them had a headache.