Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Sunset Glow

When photographing a sunset, the temptation is to roll out the wide-angle lens and capture a sweeping, sun-brightened, vista. The majority of the time, it ‘s all you need, but you don’t have… Continue reading

Rusty Tower

A low, strong, morning sun brings out the rusty red colour of the ironwork of the old wind pump. I deliberately cropped this narrow in order to emphasise the height of the tower… Continue reading

Sun and Cirrus

The wispy filaments of the cirrus clouds seem to draw you into the photograph, on a fine, sunny, but cold, December morning. The farmhouse lower left must date back to the 1700’s, or… Continue reading

Fine Carving

It takes a lot of work, and a huge amount of skill to produce something of this quality. Add in the deep red colour of the wood, and it was just demanding to… Continue reading

Worcester Bridge After Dark

This was taken a the end of December, before the recent flooding. At it’s worst, the level of the river was not far off the top of the arches, which became clogged with… Continue reading

Low Winter Sun

The sun, at it’s lowest point before it slips beneath the horizon, gives fantastic low, long, shadows. I have cropped the image to give a panorama-like feel, but I think it improves the… Continue reading

Late Afternoon

Late afternoon, and the shadows are lengthening as the sun sets. The sheep are, by now, used to my presence and largely ignore me, as long as I don’t startle them. They are… Continue reading

Mono Tower Sunset

It was this view that prompted me to run around with my tripod and zoom to get the image in the previous post – that cloud formation was too good to resist. A… Continue reading

Clouds and Tower

Landscape photography isn’t always about wide vistas. Sometimes, if you have the right background, you can put away the wide angle lens and try a few things with your zoom. You have to… Continue reading


Dusk in Worcestershire, and it’s as quiet as the image suggests – there was very little noise around, even though I’m only a few minutes out into the country. This would be a… Continue reading