Monthly Archive: March, 2014

Row of Daffodils

There was, in Feckenham churchyard, a neat row of daffodils running in a line towards the church itself. A splash of colour on a cloudy Sunday morning.


In honour of Mothers Day – have some nice daffodils. Trying to get a different perspective on things. This was taken from ground level. Doing photographs this way is still a little bit… Continue reading


Out before sunrise this morning, but the weather decided not to co-operate for once. Time to get creative. These three cormorants resting in this tree provided a nice contrast against the lighter cloud… Continue reading

Cotswold Morning

A fine early spring morning in the Cotswold Hills. The farmer has not long seeded this field, and the wavy lines reminded me of those geometrically precise Japanese ornamental gardens.

A Bit of Weather

There are times the weather gods make it all too easy for us walkers. This one was going to catch nobody out. there was plenty of time to don the wet weather gear… Continue reading


Former Great Western Railway engine 5542 eases gently out of Toddington station on a scheduled March run. Built in 1928, that makes this venerable old lady 86 yeas old. According to wikipedia (5542… Continue reading

Cotswold Wall

Not your common or garden drystone wall – someone has clearly devoted some care and attention when building this one., along with a little imagination. It can be found in the quiet village… Continue reading


The quiet village of Stanton nestles under the escarpment of the Cotswold Hills. The village has some unusual streetlamps on wooden posts dotted throughout. If they do work and light up in the… Continue reading


The gatehouse to Stanway Court looks impressive in the afternoon sun. The limestone used in the buildings around here has a wonderful warm glow. Is it just me, or does that tree above… Continue reading

Rain on the Way

I might be getting good at this weather lark. I was out practicing a little timelapse photography when I noticed these ominous black clouds approaching fast from the west and, even though I… Continue reading