X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot

Sometimes you can use the contrails to your advantage – this crossing pattern was prominent in the sky as the sun was setting.

By the time I had finished taking photos, it was dark, and I had to head back by the light of my headtorch. It’s a strange thing that a path taken alone through a wood during the light of day passes without any thought or concern, but in the dark that same path takes on an entirely different character, with strange rustles and other noises that seem to emanate from just outside the range of your light. It’s very easy to let your imagination run away with itself.

I’ve no doubt the various nocturnal creatures were far more worried about my presence, and after a while you begin to get used to it and can hazard a gues at which creatures were making which noises. That said, it was not a bad thing seeing the lights of a friendly house.