Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Complementary Colours

I’m not sure if they are exactly complementary colours, but they look close to me. It’s curious that nature recognises this element of design, almost certainly used to attract the right kind of… Continue reading


The handy thing about a garden is that you only have to walk a few paces outside your door to get some photography practice. The aliums have popped up quite nice this spring.… Continue reading

Garden Shed

Hidden at the back of a garden on one of the garden walks, this is the archetypal ‘shed made out of old bits of stuff you have left over’. Take some old doors… Continue reading

Lady Grey

You know it’s serious when someone names their car! This was beautifully done though – and the car looked stunning in a matte grey finish. There are all sorts of reflections in the… Continue reading

Frogeye Sprite

In Worcester today there were quite a few classic cars being shown in the city centre. This wonderful little car is an early 1950 model Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite, a car with more… Continue reading

Path Through The Woods

For such a well worn path, I see few people when I walk down it. That may be because of the time of day I chose to go walking, of course. Less than… Continue reading

Monochrome Madness – Hanbury Church

I have submitted this to Monochrome Madness on Leanne Cole’s excellent website. On a day where there was almost complete cloud cover and the threat of rain (it did), there was just enough… Continue reading

Colourful Garden

Looking more like a wildflower meadow than any kind of organised planting, this is actually someones garden. I think that is why I liked it. I have no idea what the bright orange… Continue reading

She Made Me Do It!

One of the interesting things about Garden Trails is that you get to see how others have coped with the various challenges that they have faced. In this case, the garden was up… Continue reading

X Marks The Spot

Sometimes you can use the contrails to your advantage – this crossing pattern was prominent in the sky as the sun was setting. By the time I had finished taking photos, it was… Continue reading