Wanna Buy a Tractor?

Wanna Buy a Tractor?

He wasn’t joking either.

I was walking through a farm near Hanbury Hall when I spotted two rusting tractors, overgrown with nettles and thistles. They looked like they would make interesting subjects so I grabbed my camera out of my pack and started shooting. The sound of an engine approaching didn’t disturb me – even out in the countryside. The sound rapidly got closer then stopped. I turned around to see a farmer sitting in one of those golf-buggy like vehicles they use these days. He didn’t say anything, just looked at me.

I thought I’d break the ice so I said “Good morning”.

No response.

Let’s try something else, I thought – “Any problem if I photograph your old tractors?” I asked.


I quickly decided  explaining that photography was my hobby would only complicate an already awkward conversation.

“I’m a photographer.”

He nodded. “S’pose so.”

Then the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“Wanna buy it?”, said he.

“Say again?”

“Wanna buy it?”

“Sorry, no. My garden isn’t big enough.”

He persisted – “I can get it started for you.”

What on earth would I do with a 40 year old rusty tractor, I thought to myself? “No thank you.”

He paused for a moment then drove off.

I’ve walked many, many miles all over the UK. I really do enjoy talking to farmers. They are happy to talk, in the main, and they always have something interesting to say. And let’s not forget they work bloody hard! It’s just every now and then you meet the strong, silent type. That’s what makes life interesting 🙂