Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Docks Reflections

Judging by the vessels, this must be the posh part of the docks. I’ll call it ‘cruiser alley’. The new apartment buildings make an effort to blend in with the old warehouses, but… Continue reading

Steam Crane

Pre-dawn, and this old steam crane is sitting in one corner of the docks. There are one or two other bits of the old ‘furniture’ around the place, all good to photograph.

Parallel Lines

In the pre-dawn at Gloucester Docks, and I have the place to myself, meaning I can take photographs, uninterrupted, from any angle I like. Some of the old railway lines have been left… Continue reading

Lightship Sula

The lightship Sula has been a fixture of Gloucester Docks for the past four years, and is one of the most photographed vessels there. It is easy to see why as the bright… Continue reading

Gloucester Historic Docks

Up at 0300 so I could catch the light at Gloucester Docks. That time of the morning, traffic is pretty much non-existent, so the journey to Gloucester was fast and uneventful. I figured… Continue reading

Strange Sky

Bit of a strange sky the evening I took this image, with a band of high cirrus reflecting the setting sun but leaving a definite contrast with some cloudless skies to the north.… Continue reading

Painting with Light 2

With the white balance of my camera set for sunlight, the artificial light of my torch resulted in very warm colouring of the fallen tree trunk.

Painting with Light

Before I head out to Purton, I thought I would get a little ‘painting with light’ practice locally. It’s easy to do. You’ll need camera, tripod, remote release, and a humungous torch. After… Continue reading


The farmers around my way are generally very good, in that they make sure public rights of way carry on through their crops. Most leave a prominent pathway through the field, leaving the… Continue reading

Another Diagonal Landscape

I did two edits of this as I couldn’t decide which one I liked. In the end I went with the panorama crop. One thing I’ve noticed – the clouds that seem to… Continue reading