Monthly Archive: August, 2014

One of the Flock

Early in the morning, preferably before sunrise, I like to get out and see if I can find a nice location and take a few photographs. I was driving through the Cotswold Hills,… Continue reading

Heathland Sunset

Just catching the last rays of the sun as it sets in the west. I know the sun is a bit blown out in this image, but I do like the contrasting greens… Continue reading

Morning Light

I think I’m addicted to the morning light – when it’s right it is just so fine. It really brings out the colour of the blooming heather on the Sussex heathland in this… Continue reading

Look Behind You

In some way landscape photography is like driving – you have to concentrate on what is in front of you, but you also need to pay attention to what is behind you. An… Continue reading

Old Doorway

Blocked in now, but this doorway looks very old. The lintel is so worn you can no longer make out the design above the doorway. This building was ancient at the time Shakespeare… Continue reading

Oldberrow Sunrise

Early rises are definitely worth it – you get the best of the light. Oldberrow Church basks in the rising sun on a peaceful summers morning.

Wildflowers at Oldberrow Church

The grounds of Oldberrow Church is full of wild flowers – it does not look much like your traditional churchyard. You will find a number of gravestones dotted about, but this is not… Continue reading

Path to Oldberrow Church

With parts of the building dating from just after the Norman Conquest, Oldberrow Church has seen many changes over it’s lifetime. An early start to catch the morning sun lighting up the old… Continue reading


On a day where there seemed to be a rainbow everywhere I looked, I never did find a pot o’ gold. Shame, as I’m saving up for one of those lovely Nikon 70-200… Continue reading

Rain on the Way

In approximately five minutes, myself, those sheep, and the cows loitering in the background, are all about to get an absolute drenching. The weather was moving quickly in from the West, but I… Continue reading