Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Golden Fields

Whilst you are taught not to shoot into the sun, there are times when you can get some very nice effects. Standing on the Malvern Hills, with the sun having just risen, and… Continue reading

Photographers Tools

Standing on the ramparts of British Camp before dawn, I had an idea – take a silhouette of the tools a landscape photographer uses. As it was a spur of the moment decision,… Continue reading

Malvern Hill Morning

It’s nearly an hour before dawn, and, carrying my camera gear, I’ve trekked up to the iron age hill fort at British Camp, in the southern part of the Malvern Hills. It’s dark,… Continue reading

Tower and Tree

Looking up at Broadway Tower, from just off The Cotswold Way. I don’t normally do a great deal of cropping to my images, but I had to crop this one because of the… Continue reading

Heathland Morning

Dawn in the Sussex Heathland and the low sun gives some warm colour to the plants and trees. I had Holly and Murphy with me – as photographic assistants go, they left a… Continue reading

Flower Detail

Not my usual kind of landscape photograph, but I put this in because I just love the performance of my ‘nifty fifty’. My 50mm f/1.8D is my cheapest lens, but it outperforms all… Continue reading

The Old Man of the Woods

Deep in a West Sussex wood, and you can sometimes see why the imagination can conjure human features onto moss laden trees. There seems to be a somewhat quizzical look to this one,… Continue reading

Dealing with Brightness and Shadows

Early in the morning, with the foregound in deep shadow, and the subject strongly side-lit by a newly risen sun, I was set something of a challenge. If I could use filters and… Continue reading

The Photographers Shadow

I usually do not want to get my shadow in an image. As a great deal of my photographs are taken at dawn and dusk, that sometimes presents a challenge. In this case,… Continue reading

Cloudy Morning

I set out before dawn on Sunday morning, but the weather did not look promising, with a blanket of cloud covering the sky. I was about to pack my camera gear away when… Continue reading