The Photographers Shadow

Photographers Shadow

I usually do not want to get my shadow in an image. As a great deal of my photographs are taken at dawn and dusk, that sometimes presents a challenge. In this case, I decided to include it as part of the image. In truth, I really wanted an image of the tower with a strong morning sun on the stonework – it just lights the place up. This angle gave the best viewpoint.

Broadway Tower was the scene of one of my most unusual photoshoots. I turned up just before dawn on an Easter Sunday, expecting not to see a soul. I had been there two minutes when a choir turned up, and proceeded, for the next 30 minutes, to sing hymns. It represents the first, and thus far the only, time I have taken photographs with the accompaniment of a choir. It was a little surreal, but also somehow uplifting. You live for these amazing and unexpected moments.