Dealing with Brightness and Shadows

Broadway Morning

Early in the morning, with the foregound in deep shadow, and the subject strongly side-lit by a newly risen sun, I was set something of a challenge. If I could use filters and get the result I wanted – then all well and good. For this one I chose to go HDR. This, however, required a little cooperation from the sheep in the foreground, but they seemed unconcerned by my presence and remained reasonably still. That said, having a camera that can be set to bracket 5 images, 1 stop apart, at a high frame-rate, allowed me to limit any movement.

The rest was done in Lightroom – which I am really having fun with – and Nik HDR EFX Pro, with a little tweaking in Viveza 2.

Only the sheep in the foreground seemed aware of my presence – the rest were clearly used to the paparazzi!