Monthly Archive: November, 2014

Foggy Morning

We got down to the lake about an hour after sunrise, and the fog from the previous evening was still there. The low sun, the fog, and the light, combined to give a… Continue reading

Fishing Stage

These little wooden structures are dotted all around the lake and clearly intended for anglers. I have to say that I’ve rarely seen them in use. Still, they make a nice foreground subject… Continue reading

Evening Light

After a dull day, the skies began to clear around sunset, and there was the promise of some decent light, so I headed off to the lake to get a few shots in.… Continue reading

Distant Malvern Hills

About 20 miles from where I’m taking the photograph, the familiar outline of the Malvern Hills dominates the horizon. The highest point is Worcestershire Beacon, at 425m (or 1,394 feet in old money),… Continue reading

Great Ridge Footpath

The path along the Great Ridge is as fine a pavement as you’ll see on any hill – well laid, easy underfoot, and inviting you to tread on along the ridge. This early… Continue reading

Great Ridge Morning

The sun has just clipped the horizon, giving a fantastic golden colour to the vegetation and fence that runs along the Great Ridge. When I first looked at this on the computer, I… Continue reading

Rays of Light

Keep an eye out. If there’s low mist in amongst trees, there is always the chance the light from the sun gets broken up into rays as I have captured here. I knew… Continue reading

Three Moorhens

It was very misty on the lake this morning. In the pre-dawn light, the image takes on a cold, pastel blue look. As I was setting up the shot, three moorhens began to… Continue reading

English Longhorn Cattle

In the meadows of Bordesley Abbey there is a project whereby a herd of English Longhorn cattle are allowed to roam freely through the meadows, mingling with strollers and dog walkers (and the… Continue reading