English Longhorn Cattle

English Longhorn

In the meadows of Bordesley Abbey there is a project whereby a herd of English Longhorn cattle are allowed to roam freely through the meadows, mingling with strollers and dog walkers (and the odd aspiring photographer!). I set out early last Saturday with the promise of some decent light, hoping I could position myself to get some nice back-lighting. In these conditions, a good lens is a must – I’m borrowing one of Nikons fantastic 70-200 f/2.8 VRII lenses (thanks Dave) and it coped with the trying conditions admirably.

This is about as close to cattle as I am comfortable with. Anyone who has been walking in the UK for any length of time has more than one story to tell of an upset bovine, and I’m no different. Suffice to say, if there’s ever an Olympic event that involves running down a field, wading through a stream, crashing up the steep bramble covered bank at the other side, and clumsily (and painfully) negotiating a barbed wire fence, all the while carrying a heavy rucksack, while being chased by nearly a ton of angry beast, then I’m your man! For the record – I did nothing to upset the thing.

The English Longhorn herd pictured above have, in fairness, always behaved impeccably in my presence. Maybe they’re lulling me into a false sense of security 🙂