Foggy Morning

Morning Fog

We got down to the lake about an hour after sunrise, and the fog from the previous evening was still there. The low sun, the fog, and the light, combined to give a lovely cool monochrome feel to the image.

Within 10 minutes of taking this image, the fog had lifted completely, and the sun had moved from behind the clouds, giving a completely different scene, full of colour.

Annoyingly, I took all my image today as jpegs 😦  – I didn’t mean to, however I managed to accidentally move my camera setting from RAW to JPEG while I was photographing in the Black Mountains yesterday. Hey ho – lesson learned. Note to self – set up a ‘pre-flight checklist’ before heading out to take photographs.

The photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 14mm, 1/40 sec at f/9.0, Lee 3 stop graduated ND filter, handheld.