Monthly Archive: December, 2014


This exquisite statue sits in an alcove at Chatsworth House. Chatsworth is well worth a visit – of all the stately homes we have visited, it is the most photographer friendly, so it… Continue reading

Through the Trees

Broadway Tower, as seen through the trees on the path from the cafe up to the tower. The photograph does not do justice to how cold it was on that exposed hilltop at… Continue reading

Lakeside Sunset

I finished work early today, and headed down to the lake for a few minutes of photography on Christmas Eve. The light was good, thankfully, so I got a few decent shots in.… Continue reading

Metal Cut-Outs

You can find these life size metal cut-outs near Diglis footbridge in Worcester. The way to photograph them for maximum impact is to get low down – which is exactly what I did.… Continue reading

Sharpness Sunrise

Sharpness Docks are near Purton, and I thought the docks might provide some interesting subjects just before sunrise. It’s still a working dock, however, so access was limited. I settled for a few… Continue reading

Another Purton Hulk

I spent the day wandering around Sharpness and Purton. The light promised much, but delivered little. That said, for those few brief moments when the light came good, it was an absolute belter,… Continue reading

Chesterton Windmill

Very accessible, and often photographed, I turned up early at Chesterton Windmill because the weather forecast looked promising, with a few clouds likely. I wasn’t the only one – it turned into an… Continue reading

Rays of Light

When conditions are right, with low sun and even lower cloud, look for tree cover because you are likely to find a scene like this. I took this image in the Peak District… Continue reading

Unusual Rock Formation

You can find this unusual rock formation, carved by erosion from the local millstone grit, at Higger Tor in the Peak District. It really does look like a reclining stone head from this… Continue reading

Moorhen in the Mist

On an early, misty November morning, a moorhen drifts past in the gloom. For such little birds, they make one hell of a racket. In what you would expect to be the quiet… Continue reading