Llanthony Priory Panorama

© Gerard Tohill 2013

Llanthony Priory taken from the field to the north of the monument, with the unnamed hill between Bal Mawr and Garn Wen in the background.

I do like the Black Mountains. They have the advantage of being less that two hours drive from my house in Worcestershire. They are not your traditional stony, craggy mountains. Indeed, the top of the ridge that contains Waun Fach (the highest point in the Black Mountains) can, in parts, be a boggy, trackless landscape, and in poor visibility you can feel like you are the last person on earth. However that, for me, adds to their charm. When the clag is down and the weather is poor, you can see no points of reference, and you can easily become unsure of your bearings. At that point, traversing this landscape becomes an exercise in navigation, keep fit for both the mind and the body. I must be mad, but I enjoy these lonely places for the challenge they give. They have a beauty all of their own.

Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 12mm, tripod, 2 stop Lee ND grad filter, ISO 400, f/9.0. Three image HDR set at 1/3, 1/6, and 1/13 sec.