Light Trail

© Gerard Tohill 2013

Sometimes, you just need to have a little patience, and it pays off.

I had spent the day in Dove Dale – recommended for a day out any time of year (just be aware in winter that the sunlight does not reach the bottom of the gorge, so dress warmly).

I took some images of the stepping stones by Thorpe Cloud before dawn – they were ok, but not outstanding. I walked down the gorge taking images, and walked up Thorpe Cloud (a stiff pull to the top) then headed back to the stepping stones after sunset.

As I was taking some long exposure images, two things happened. First of all the moon rose above the ridge, bathing the water in a cool light, and then someone headed across the stepping stones using a head torch – giving this wonderful light trail.

Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 12mm, 30 seconds at f/9.0, tripod, 3 stop graduated ND filter to hold back the light from the moon.