No Fishing

No Fishing

A light dusting of snow this morning so I set off to the lake. The light was good so I tried a little long exposure photography. It gives a very nice effect on the water of the lake, and the exposure was long enough to lose all the wildfowl that was milling around.

This was to be a 60 second exposure, but I decided it was too cold to take my gloves off and measure the time using my iPhone, so I counted the time the old fashioned way – elephant one…elephant two…elephant three… all the way up to elephant 60. So technically, this was a 60 elephant exposure at f/9.0 🙂

Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at 24mm, 68 second exposure at f/9.0, tripod, 10 stop ND filter.

(yes – that means 60 elephants is the equivalent of 68 seconds!)