Monthly Archive: February, 2015

Hanbury Evening

Friday and the work week is done. Time to grab the camera bag and head out to take pictures. Woohoo!!! Hanbury was close, so I drove out there and wandered around, tripod in… Continue reading


When I’m out walking, every so often I would come across a small pile of stones on top of a fence post or gate post, or sometimes on top of a trig point.… Continue reading

Frosty Morning

A frosty one this morning, and I was glad of it. The frozen ground meant there was no mud, so I could get out into the countryside and not have to worry about… Continue reading

Long Exposure

There’s a certain serendipity to taking long exposure photographs. You have to slow down and think about what you’re doing, working slowly and steadily, taking each step in in order so you can… Continue reading

Broadway Tower

Taken not from the usual angle, but from the field next to the tower, As usual, it’s before sunrise and there’s a cool blue to the pre-dawn sky. Photography stuff: 12-24mm lens at… Continue reading

Icy Lake

It was much colder a week ago, and the covering of ice on the lake was testament to that. I know that, normally, you are not supposed to put the horizon near the… Continue reading

Robin Re-edit

I didn’t know I could do this in Lightroom! I was browsing a few videos on Youtube last night and I came across one that was very informative and gave a number of… Continue reading

Ice Patterns

I had to photograph these interesting crystalline patterns in the ice this morning. Although the lake had a good covering of ice, and there was plenty of frost around, it didn’t seem that… Continue reading

Canal Locks

Locks 37, 38, 39, and 40 on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. A very grey day today, with low cloud and poor light. Black and White was the way to go, so I… Continue reading

Avenue of Trees

This avenue of trees heads directly from the gates at the front of Hanbury Hall, up the hill to Hanbury church (which is about half a mile from where this image was taken).… Continue reading