Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Below the Falls

The other good thing about waterfalls is they can make an interesting backdrop to those long exposure images where you capture the flow of water through the frame. At the top is Sgwd… Continue reading

Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn

Of all the waterfalls i visited that day, this was my favourite. The gentle curve on the falls made for a great image. Exposure was a little challenging – in reality the rocks… Continue reading

Sgwd Yr Eira

The Sgwd Yr Eira waterfall is a photographers dream. Not only can you take images from all the usual angles, but you can set up your camera behind the water and shoot out.… Continue reading


An English Longhorn grazes in Bordesley Meadows, with the ruins of Bordesley Abbey in the background. I think I just missed the best of the morning light when I took this, but I… Continue reading


I wasn’t sure which one of these I liked best, so I decided to post both. I was trying to see what effect I got shooting the bluebells through the leaves of a… Continue reading

Longhorn Calf

A young English Longhorn grazes contentedly in Bordesley Meadows. The grass, wet with early morning dew, must have been particularly sweet – they took almost no notice of me. The English Longhorn grazing… Continue reading


I was out walking before the sun had risen, and I took the opportunity to try a little experimenting. Find a subject in the pre-dawn light, and photograph it using flash. I now… Continue reading

Kissing Gate

I’d forgotten about this one. The light was fantastic early in the morning at Bordesley Meadows. I’d set out to try and get some shots of the English Longhorns but they managed to… Continue reading

More Kinwarton Calves

You’d think it was good of these calves to pose for a group photo, but, in truth, they seemed to be very curious about my presence. At least I managed to get the… Continue reading

Bordesley Abbey Mono

A 10 stop neutral density filter allows you to do a little experimenting during the day. Bordesley Abbey is again open to the public, so I took the opportunity to head down and… Continue reading