Monthly Archive: June, 2015


My assistants on one shoot last year were Holly and Murphy. On the plus side, they made good companions and very interesting subjects. On the minus side, they thought it a good idea… Continue reading

Pastel Skies

Taken about 30 minutes after the previous post, the skies had turned a lovely pastel shade after the sun had set. Known at ‘the lighthouse on legs’, the proper name of this structure… Continue reading

Burnham Beach Sunset

Taken a couple of years ago, this is another one of those images you find hiding away in your computer. To be fair – having moved from Aperture to Lightroom (one of my… Continue reading

Autumn Colours

A bit early, I know – but I really like the colours in this image, taken last year in West Sussex. The image was taken on a morning walk in Lords Piece, with… Continue reading

Waterfall Side View

Photographing the Sgwd Yr Eira waterfall from the side represents an interesting photographic challenge. The rock face behind the waterfall is in deep shadow, and is at least 3 stops darker than the… Continue reading


Out for a walk today along the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, near Tardebigge, and I thought I’d try a little experimentation – just trying something different. I saw the little jetty on the… Continue reading

Evening at Feckenham Church

It’s after sunset, and the only light on the church is reflected light from the sun below the horizon. I’m impressed how much detail I can get from a RAW image in such… Continue reading

Tranquil River

Just a few hundred yards below the falls of Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn, you’ll find calmer waters, as the river flows gently on to the next falls. It’s a much more peaceful scene… Continue reading

Feckenham Church at Night

I’ve always wanted to try some night photography – it presents an interesting challenge, both technically and photographically. More and more areas in the UK seem to have gained Dark Sky status, and… Continue reading

Minimalist Revisited

I’m going through the slow process of moving my Aperture images into Lightroom. I tried the automated way using Lightrooms built in importer, but that didn’t work for me as it crashed. The… Continue reading