Evening at Feckenham Church

(click the image for a larger version)

(click the image for a larger version)

It’s after sunset, and the only light on the church is reflected light from the sun below the horizon.

I’m impressed how much detail I can get from a RAW image in such low light – fantastic.

I am fascinated by Feckenham Church – it’s such an interesting building. The geologist in me takes in the different rock types used to make up the fabric of the building. You can see the light grey local sandstone, which is quite friable, the orange is another local sandstone – which is *very* friable (there’s a gravestone carved from the same stuff that has had a hole worn right through the middle), and then there’s the darker, harder, stone from another source. It’s really a building made out of whatever the builders could get their hands on at the time. I’m also interested in archaeology, and all those different stones used give a clue about the history of the building. for example, look to the right of the small window in the centre of the image – you can clearly see the rectangular outline of a later repair (or perhaps a blocked doorway?). When you get your eye in, there are things like that you can observe all around the building.