Limestone Mist

(click the image for a larger version)

(click the image for a larger version)

The beach at East Quantoxhead has an underlying geology of harder limestone and inter-bedded softer, shaly rocks, giving a stepped appearance and plenty of scope for the landscape photographer. The limestone outcrops seem to twist and turn, sometimes parallel to the beach, and sometimes at right angles, so there is always something to shoot. This outcrop jutted out to sea, and a rising tide gave a nice effect in a long exposure image, looking to me like the skin of a giant sea monster.

I wanted the highlights on the rocks in the image but, if you don’t want them in yours, simply add a polarising filter and you should be able to cut out most of the reflections (depending upon the angle of the sun, of course).

When taking long exposure images on a rising tide, be prepared to get your feet wet. It was a hot day, so I didn’t mind – I left my boots further up the beach and let the water keep me cool.

Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 13 seconds at f/16, 10 stop ND filter, tripod, remote release.