Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Simple Seascape

On a Saturday in August, the beach at West Wittering can get very busy. There’s a lot going on, both with the number of beach goers, and the various structures along the beach.… Continue reading

Grwyne Fawr Dam

The Grwyne Fawr dam sits in the middle of the Black Mountains in Wales. The curving green rails make great leading lines for an image and give a photographer something to work with,… Continue reading

Padley Wood

Whilst I was in Padley Wood, I searched for a location that I’d heard about, but I’d not been able to locate the last time I was there. It turns out I was… Continue reading

Bridge 54

This is Bridge 54 on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, taken from the huge embankment that holds back Tardebigge Reservoir. The bridges (and locks) are numbered northwards from Worcester to Birmingham. The lock… Continue reading

Fern and Millstones

Up on Stanage Edge, not far from the trig point, are a number of millstones, stacked like giant piles of stone coins. These are left over from when millstones were quarried there. They… Continue reading

Tardebigge Wharf

On a fine sunny Sunday morning, the surface of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal is like a mirror, giving reflections all over the place. It’s early enough that the holidaymakers have not yet… Continue reading


It’s an hour before sunrise and the alarm goes off. There’s that period, while you’re still drowsy, where you contemplate turning over and going back to sleep. But you don’t. You take a… Continue reading

Burbage Brook

Burbage Brook has carved out the picturesque Padley gorge, which is deservedly popular with photographers. I was up in Sheffield, so I took the opportunity, after work, to head up to the area… Continue reading

View From The Cloud

This is the view back into Dove Dale, from part way up Thorpe Cloud, as the sun rises and the warm light hits the sides of the valley. The valley is quite steep.… Continue reading

Seat With A View

Sit on the top of the hill upon which Hanbury Church rests, and you will have a view that stretches for miles, all the way to the Cotswold Hills. It is quiet in… Continue reading