Grwyne Fawr Dam

(click the image for a larger version)

(click the image for a larger version)

The Grwyne Fawr dam sits in the middle of the Black Mountains in Wales. The curving green rails make great leading lines for an image and give a photographer something to work with, even on a dull day in the hills.

If I’m planning a long day in the mountains, I’ll normally take my trusty old D40, mainly because the camera and 18-55mm kit lens weigh next to nothing. I’ll take nothing else, so you have to get creative if the exposure is too slow for handheld shots. In this instance I rested the camera on a stone abutment, set the timer delay to 5 seconds, and pressed the shutter. Job done!

Photography stuff: 18-55mm lens at 18mm, 0.6 seconds at f/18, exposure taken with timer delay.