Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Ships Graveyard

There are great opportunities at Purton, and sometimes you have to stand back rather than get in close. In this image you can see the stern of Harriett, with the barge stretching out… Continue reading

Stars By The Lake

With the promise of  a cloud free early morning, I set out before dawn to see if I could get some photographs of the stars and the lake. It’s not an ideal location… Continue reading

Harriett Detail II

Detail of the stern of Harriett, with some lovely evening light on the scene. You can just make out the first two letters of the word BRISTOL, still visible after many years wear… Continue reading

Dursley Detail

Here’s a detail shot from another of the hulks – this one is called Dursley. The stern of the barge is clearly recognisable, even after all this time out in the weather, although… Continue reading

Harriett Detail

I’ve been down to photograph the Purton Hulks a few times, but after being inspired by a video from a chap called Mike Browne about long lens landscape photography, I thought I’d take… Continue reading

Waterfall Panorama

On a dull, gloomy, day, your photographic options can be limited, but you can make best use of days like this by choosing a subject that does not need strong, bright light. Waterfalls… Continue reading

Oldberrow Church

Although rebuilt many times, there are parts of this church dating from the 12th and 13th centuries – this church would have been old in Shakespeare’s time. It’s best photographed when the wildflowers… Continue reading

Worcester Cathedral

I took this a couple of years ago at Worcester Cathedral. There’s a small charge for photographers with tripods, but that’s fair enough as it’s a lovely building to photograph. You can spend… Continue reading

Churchyard Long Exposure

Trying a little black and white long exposure in the churchyard. Even on a sunny day, you can get quite an atmospheric image by slowing down the exposure time, especially when you convert… Continue reading

Walking in the Trees

This avenue of trees near Hanbury is a popular walk, and, at the weekends, you can see a steady stream of walkers heading through. This was a little tricky to get right as… Continue reading