Nash Point

© Gerard Tohill 2015

It’s been grey for weeks here – I almost find myself looking at my old photos to remind myself what sunshine looks like.

That said, there was, in the forecast, the hint of some decent weather along the South Wales coast, and a little bit of research found a number of decent locations, so off I headed.

The fine weather never appeared, however the dull skies and low light did lend themselves admirably to some long exposure photography. Throw in a rather boisterous sea, and you have something to work with.

This is the beach at Nash Point, taken from the cliffs to the west, with a rising tide moving a lot quicker than you would expect.

The poor light meant that the picture I was after was not possible. I was planning to go down the beach when the tide was out  (which would have put me somewhere out to the left of this image) and photograph the cliffs in the light of the setting sun. Another time, then.

Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 15 seconds at f/6.3, 10 stop ND filter, 3 stop hard graduated ND filter to hold back the sky, tripod, remote release.