Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Grwyne Fawr Dam II

Continuing in the black and white theme, I photographed the dam from lower down the slope. I was hoping to get a long exposure image of the water cascading down the front of… Continue reading

Grwyne Fawr Dam

The graceful curve of the Grwyne Fawr is interesting to photograph. I decided on black and white, with a long exposure to capture the dramatic sky. Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 6.3… Continue reading

Broadway Morning Light

After rain yesterday, and the promise of more rain tomorrow, it didn’t take much to persuade me to take this window of opportunity, and get out early for the dawn light at Broadway… Continue reading

Grwyne Fawr

The Grwyne Fawr, both above and below the Grwyne Fawr reservoir, is a series of cataracts, giving you ample opportunity to practice long exposure photography. Tip: if you are planning on doing a… Continue reading

Broken Reflections

The rather futuristic looking Grand Central, sited atop New Street Station in Birmingham, is covered in polished metal panels, giving all sorts of crazy reflections. I couldn’t resist taking a few images while… Continue reading

Bench with a View

Walk up the hill from Broadway and, half way up, you’ll come across three benches where you can sit and take in the view. Broadway is overlooked, and you can see across the… Continue reading

Broadway Tower Door

Another experiment with flash. This was taken just after sunrise, and I wanted to use the flash to accentuate the texture in the stone walls and paving, so I set it close to… Continue reading

Tower and Shed

I’ve started carrying around a flash in my rucksack. There have been times when I’ve wanted at add a little selective light to an image – a pre-dawn visit to Broadway Tower allowed… Continue reading

Spot the Photographer

There’s no prize for this competition, just the satisfaction in spotting a fellow photographer! Some decent dawn light at Broadway Tower, where I bumped into Alex who had the same idea as I… Continue reading

Sun and Tree II

Taken a few minutes after the image in the previous post, this was one of those views that stops you in your tracks as you’re driving along, and forces you to get out… Continue reading