Sword in the Stone

© Gerard Tohill 2016

By the entrance to the Crannog Centre on Llangorse lake, sits a sword embedded in a large rock. Judging by the wear on the handle, many have tried to pull the sword out. It’s something you cannot resist trying. I, too, had a go. Apparently, I’m not the King of England 😦

Tough one to photograph this – the sun had not yet risen but the sky was brightening by the minute. The sword, and stone, were in deep, deep, shade. I hit on the idea of using off-camera flash to light up the foreground subject, so I handheld my speedlight, set at 1/4 power, off to the left, but pointing directly at the stone. I set my exposure so the sky and water were correctly exposed, and fired away.

No sleeping swans were awakened during the taking of this image.

For a higher quality version – see my Flickr page.

Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 18mm, 1/13 sec at f/10, tripod, speedlight handheld at 1/4 power