My First Photoshoot

© Gerard Tohill 2016

Well – landscape is all well and good, but a new challenge was needed. I decided a few weeks ago to leap into the scary world of portrait photography, so I contacted a model local to me. We set up a shoot in the ruins of Bordesley Abbey, and good fun was had all round. I ended up with a boatload of images, but I really like this one, with the hair framing the face. To be honest – I could not go wrong with this young lady – she knew how to pose instinctively. All I did was a little composition, a little metering, and press the shutter 🙂

PS – do not worry, landscape people – I’ll still be getting up at “stupid o’clock” and heading out into the wilds – I’m just broadening my horizons and improving my skills.

Photography stuff: 70-200mm lens at 200mm, 1/100 sec at f/2.8, a little light bounced back in via a white reflector.