Photographers Eye

© Gerard Tohill 2016

Trying my hand at low key lighting in a studio – which I found very enjoyable.

Low key lighting is actually quite straightforward as you generally use only one light, and it gives a very dramatic effect – just right for black and white images. Once you get the light set up, and your model set in the correct position relative to the light (to get the light and shadows you are looking for) then the rest is simple. You can use more lights but I’ll need to experiment.

For all the lighting though, it’s the look from the model that makes this image.

For a higher quality version, please see my Flickr page.

Photography stuff: Studio shot with one softbox off to camera right (I think the studio light was set to 1/8 power), dark background, 50mm lens, 1/100 sec at f/9.0.