© Gerard Tohill 2016

I took a few images at the local fireworks display last night.

Turns out the technique is quite easy – the hard part is anticipating where the rockets would explode. As the display commenced, I started off with my widest lens – 12-24mm, but soon worked out I could get away with using my 18-70mm – which gave me more potential range.

Just set yourself up on the tripod, focus to infinity (then set focus to manual so it doesn’t change), set aperture to somewhere in the middle, (I started off at F/11) and exposure to somewhere between  3 and 5 seconds, attach your cable release, and fire away. You may need to adjust either aperture or shutter speed to get the exposure and effect you want – but that only takes a few shots.

Really easy to do – give it a go.

Photography stuff: 18-70mm lens at 31mm, 4 seconds at f/14, tripod, cable release.